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Width 4 cm & Neck size 47-57 cm

Discover sturdy, colorful XL leather dog collars in Boho-Ibiza style from Dog with a Mission.

Looking for the perfect collar that's both rugged and stylish for your big dog? At Dog with a Mission, you'll find XL collars that combine design, quality, and comfort for breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Boxers. Our unique collection brings a touch of Boho-Ibiza flair, enriched with eye-catching beads and patterns that make every dog stand out.

Why Choose an XL Collar from Dog with a Mission?

  1. Unique and Colorful Design: Our collars, adorned with beads and in authentic Boho-Ibiza style, turn every walk into a fashion show.

  2. Robust Quality: Made from premium leather, our collars promise not only durability but also a rugged appearance.

  3. Matching Leashes: Complete the look with a matching leash, perfectly coordinated with the collar for the ultimate style statement.

  4. Supporting Good Causes: With your purchase, you help us support dog welfare projects worldwide. Stylish and socially responsible.

  5. Comfort and Safety: Designed with comfort and safety in mind, ensuring your dog feels at home and secure on adventures.

Let Your Dog Stand Out with Our Sturdy XL Boho-Ibiza Collars

At Dog with a Mission, the individuality of your dog is at the heart of every design. Our XL collars combine a rugged Boho-Ibiza look with vibrant beads, offering more than just a simple accessory; they're an expression of style and personality. Explore our range and choose a collar that not only catches the eye but also has a positive impact on dogs worldwide.