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For dogs with longer narrow necks

Collars for Greyhounds & More: Pure Elegance

At Dog with a Mission, we understand that not just greyhounds, but also other dogs with long, slender necks need something special. Our collection thus combines luxurious leather with striking colors, perfectly suited for those graceful necklines.

Comfort & Style Hand in Hand

Specially designed for dogs with a refined stature, our collars offer both comfort and style. Let your dog shine with an accessory made for its unique shape.

Uniqueness Front and Center

Choose from designs as unique as your companion. From subtle elegance to colorful statements, there's a perfect match for every personality.

More Than Just Looks

Every purchase supports charitable causes, so while your dog turns heads, you're also contributing to a better world for dogs everywhere.

Explore our collection and find that special collar that not only highlights your dog's beauty but also supports a wonderful cause.