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Width 2 or 2,5 cm & Neck size 27-33 cm

Perfect Size S Collars by DWAM: Colorful Style for Small Dog Breeds

At Dog with a Mission (DWAM), we understand that every dog has its own unique style and personality. That's why our Size S collars are not just a feast for the eyes with their colorful designs and boho chic flair, but they are also specially crafted to provide comfort and style for smaller dog breeds. Suitable for dogs with a neck circumference of 27 to 33 cm and a width of 2 to 2.5 cm, these collars ensure a perfect fit and ultimate comfort for your four-legged friend.

Which Breeds Are Ideal for Size S?

From the energetic Jack Russell Terrier to the charming Chihuahua, the adorable Dachshund, the fluffy Pomeranian, the elegant Yorkshire Terrier, the sweet Maltese, the stylish Shih Tzu, to the playful Toy Poodle; this size is designed to comfortably fit a range of small dog breeds.

Measuring Is Knowing

It's crucial to ensure that your dog gets the perfect collar size. We recommend using a soft measuring tape to carefully measure your dog's neck circumference. Make sure that the measured circumference falls between 27 and 33 cm for a Size S. This not only guarantees a comfortable fit but also ensures that the collar stays secure during all your adventures together.

Every DWAM collar is handmade with a passion for detail, making each piece unique. Our collars capture the essence of a colorful, original design, inspired by the Ibiza vibe and enriched with boho chic elements, perfect for dogs and owners who like to stand out from the crowd.

Let your dog steal the show with a collar that's as vibrant as their personality! Choose Dog with a Mission and give your dog the quality and style they deserve.

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