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Exclusieve hondenhalsband



The dog harnesses from our collection are, just like all other items from our assortment, original and high-quality. Does your dog prefer a dog harness or do you believe it is better he wears a harness, then check out our special collection now.

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The unique DWAM dog harnesses

The high-quality dog harnesses from our collection are, just like all other items from our assortment, unique. Does your dog prefer a dog harness or do you want him to wear one, take a quick look at our collection. Whether your dog is large or small, we have unique harnesses that fit every dog. Of course our dog harnesses are, just like our other products, completely handmade which means that they will last a lifetime. Each harness is solid and hand-stitched, each detail and each component is solid and carefully applied. Do you prefer a colourful dog harness or rather a tough leash with special accessories? Make a choice that fits you and your dog and mix and match with our other nice items, such as our dog leashes.!

The advantages of a dog harness

A dog harness is often chosen for dogs that pull a lot. In such cases a harness is better and more comfortable for a dog than a collar. There might be many other reasons to prefer a dog harness. Of course the harness must be comfortable and fit well. Our dog harnesses are not only a treat for the eye, they also feel very comfortable and are tailored to every dog size. They enclose your dog’s chest exactly the way they should and therefore the forces are spread over his entire chest. In addition, all our dog harnesses are lined with soft leather, which feels very comfortable for your dog. You can use leather grease to maintain the harness. 

The size of your dog harness

Our leather dog harnesses are available in various sizes and therefore fit any dog. Would you like to order an unique dog harness for your best friend? Pay attention to the size, because a larger dog needs a larger and wider harness than a small one. To determine the right size you measure the chest circumference around the widest part of the chest, behind the forepaws. If the chest is close to the maximum size of a harness, we recommend to choose a larger size. Our dog harnesses are fully adjustable, both around your dog’s chest and neck. You can easily pull it on and off by loosening one buckle. Have you seen a beautiful harness and would you like to know what sizes are available? Click on “Size Guide” under the description and you will find out what sizes are available.