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Introducing the 'Wild Wild West' Collection
As summer makes way for the chillier months, Dog with a Mission unveils the brand new Autumn/Winter 2023/2024 collection: 'Wild Wild West'. Inspired by the raw and genuine character of the Wild West, this line offers dogs and their owners stylish and functional accessories for the season.

Standout Collars
At the heart of the collection are three distinct collars:

  • Wayne: Robust and bold, perfect for dogs who love to stand out.
  • Morgan: With subtle details reminiscent of expansive landscapes and rustic charm.
  • Ranger: Merging functionality and design for the active dog.

Accent in Accessories
A key highlight of this line is the orange leather dog leash. Adjustable and crafted from quality leather, it provides a vivid touch on gray days. Moreover, for the responsible dog owner, there's the stylish poop bag holder.

Style & Functionality
For owners valuing style beyond walks, the collection introduces leather dog bags. Made from the finest leather, these bags are both fashionable and functional. And for those on the go? Two car blankets ensuring comfort and protection during rides.

With 'Wild Wild West', Dog with a Mission ensures that dogs and their owners stylishly and comfortably embrace the new season. The authenticity of the West combined with modern design makes this collection a must-have for the upcoming season.